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Cinematography group project

My main role in the group task was to play the short role as the butler and the corpse. I would have to use quick choreography for the butler role where i set the plates on the table and had to lay still for the role of the corpse. Without moving my limbs or my eyes was a difficult task but i was able to provide a good corpse. I was also a benefit to the group by being a stage hand. Opening and closing doors and turning off and on the lights for certain shots.I shined lights against the antagonist and against walls for good lighting effects which was a good for a first time experience. Without this role there would be a great difficulty in the production of the short. Many other actors in the group also took turns on being stage hands so that we have an understand on the behind the scenes production of the cinematography task. No one person was behind the creative decision making in the short, we all had to come up with ideas and even critiquing how member…

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